VUB Totebag Design

I designed a tote bag for students of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel ( VUB )

At the start of the academic year they can get 1 for free !

The design had to sensibilise the fact that our green environment is cherished and  important. It also had to be a unisex and cool design.

I came up with two completely different ones:


The first is a rather romantic environmentalistic conversation between two lovers. They express their funky love to each other in a way you can grasp their ambitions. 




- " I want to swim in plastic free sees, eat fruits from the trees while listening to the humming of the bees.

- You're so hot , even glaciers melt. " 



The second one is the pentagon of Brussels combined with the rings of a tree. This is a visual analogy : The city expands just like a tree. We need to treat it with great respect. How can we make the city more green ?


This assignement was commissioned by the Vrije Universiteit Brussel ( VUB )